has been popular
in the Pacific Rim for decades, and has recently become favorite flooring type for Myrtle Beach homes,
too. Bamboo, while often grouped with hardwood floors, is actually made from a
species of grass called “Moso.”

Most bamboo flooring is created from stalks of
bamboo that are four to five years old. These stalks are then sliced into
strips and woven or laid into planks.There’s a lot to learn but the professionals at Floor Coverings International in Myrtle Beach SC are here to help.

Conservationists like bamboo for its ability
to replenish itself quickly, giving bamboo flooring a “green” quality that most
hardwood floors don’t have. Bamboo is also harder than many hardwoods, making
it resistant to most scratches and scuffs. (Its exact strength depends on the
manufacturing process and other factors.)

Despite its strength, bamboo flooring can be
cut relatively easily using only a compound miter or hand saw. It is also
adaptable to a wide number of surfaces, and can be fixed to inexpensive plywood
or even concrete. While traditionally light colored, you can stain bamboo
flooring to match almost any décor. As it ages, it will take on a patina that
only adds to its charm.

Bamboo flooring is sustainable and stylish – a
great choice for homes in Myrtle Beach.

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