bamboo flooring samples, floor coverings internationalBamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood because it is beautiful, unique, and durable. At Floor Coverings International Myrtle Beach, we carry a wide variety of bamboo flooring. Contact us today to talk with a design expert and learn more about our selection, or schedule a free in-home consultation where we will bring bamboo samples directly into the comfort of your home. Our flooring experts will help you see how the different options will look with your furniture and decorations.

Bamboo Flooring 101

Bamboo floors are popular because they provide the natural feeling of hardwood while benefiting the environment. Bamboo is a hardy plant that grows at a much quicker rate than hardwood, making it a more eco-friendly material. There are two major types of bamboo flooring: compressed bamboo and woven-strand bamboo. Compressed bamboo flooring is made by gluing strips of bamboo together to form a plank. The manufacturing method produces a unique pattern and preserves the naturally light tones of bamboo. Woven-strand bamboo flooring is made by weaving together strips of bamboo and using pressure to mold them into boards. These boards can be milled and stained to replicate a wide range of different hardwood looks.

Using Bamboo Flooring

  • Like hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is very durable and will hold up to scratches and stains. Some kinds of bamboo flooring can be up to twice as strong at common hardwood equivalents.
  • It is a very eco-friendly material that doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides to grow. When properly managed, it can replenish itself every five or six years — instead of the two or more decades needed to regrow hardwood.
  • It is very easy to maintain with regular sweeping and the occasional reapplication of the protective finish.

There are many finishes for your bamboo floor that can create a new look by increasing the gloss or staining the color of the wood. Additionally, the finish will provide protection against scuffs, scratches, and spills. Like standard hardwood, bamboo should not be installed in areas where there are high levels of moisture such as bathrooms or basements.

Your Bamboo Flooring Experts

Ready to get started on your new bamboo flooring project? We’re here to help! The trained design associates at Floor Coverings International Myrtle Beach will work with you to pick out the perfect floor for your home. We serve the Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach areas and our installation team will work quickly to install your new floor so you can start enjoying your new space.

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