We spend numerous minutes out of our days in the bathroom, and our bathroom design should create a pleasant environment to be in! Whether it’s a hallway bathroom that gets a lot of guest traffic or one that’s tucked away in your master bedroom, great bathroom design is crucial and it all starts with tile. After all, who wants to get ready for the day in a bathroom that has a gloomy or outdated design? Floor Coverings International Myrtle Beach is ready to install the bathroom tile of your dreams! Here are the top bathroom tile trends in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach to give you inspiration for your next project.

bathroom subway tile

Top 4 Bathroom Tile Trends

Here are some of the top current bathroom tiles trends:

1. Subway Tiles

These classic 3″ x 6″ ceramic tiles that originated in New York Subway stations are anything but basic. The standard rectangular form of this tile makes a seamless backsplash that is timeless. It easily blends with different styles of countertops or cabinets. You can also jazz them up by laying them in a “W” zigzag design for a fresh take on the classic horizontal layout. Subway tiles can also come in different colors, from deep blues (which are on-trend this year) to earthy greens and chic black.

herringbone pattern shower2. Herringbone Parquets

Herringbone tile has definitely been a popular trend for the past year, particularly in parquet form that is set in zigzag layouts. Herringbone parquets can be used as either backsplashes or flooring. The tile can come as plain or in a variety of colors, which expands your decorating potential. Homeowners have also enjoyed experimenting with blending different colored tiles together in the same wall or floor.

3. The Natural Look

natural ceramic bathroom tile

Everything in 2018 is high-tech and becoming more digital. However, trends in interior design have countered this technological craze. Recently, there has been a return to rustic wood tile backsplashes and natural stone tiles like marble. Of course, no natural design is complete without adding some low-light potted plants to keep the bathroom fresh and green.

4. Matte Textures

While high gloss tiles were on trend a few years ago, today’s bathrooms are embracing matte textures. These softly spoken surfaces blend well with a natural theme because they don’t reflect light as chrome and glass do. One of the best benefits of matte tiles is that they aren’t slippery, which makes them safe floors for the bathroom. matte black tile

Update Your Myrtle Beach Bathroom Tile Today

To discover more hot trends for your bathroom in the Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach area, contact Floor Coverings International Myrtle Beach today to schedule a free estimate! We have plenty of beautiful tile flooring in stock that can complete your upcoming design needs.

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